Emex DWC is now open for Chinese suppliers!

Starting from today, if you want to supply auto parts from China and develop globally, you can become our partner.


The partnership conditions are following.

▪️ Products must be certified. We would like to receive a copy of certificates for all products that you send to us.

▪️ Low volume shipment order. We expect you to send us orders from 1000 USD.

▪️ The price list should be with cross-reference numbers for OEM numbers.

▪️ We would like to obtain weight and size information for each part.

▪️ Weekly shipment. Shipments at least once a week by air or sea.

▪️ 10% prepayment terms.


Contact our Commercial Director Elena Eremchenko (e.eremchenko@emexdwc.ae) to find out more.