Storage conditions for unpaid goods in our warehouse!

Dear client,
We would like to remind you, that from 01.07.2020, if an unpaid goods is stored in our warehouse for longer than 14 days, 0.1% of its unpaid cost will be charged daily (as an overdraft). 
A trial period has been implemented until 15.07.2020 and the mentioned fee will not actually be charged from your balance. The actual charges will begin from 15.07.2020, if your overdraft value will be greater than 0.
As always, the sum of the   product, stored in our warehouse for a long-term, will be completely blocked on your balance, limiting your ability to place new orders.
If your product has been in the warehouse for longer than 14 days, in order to avoid interest charges and to allow placing new orders, you will need to top up your balance to match the overdraft price, hence paying for your long-term product.
We understand the feedback, and are always ready to promptly react to  emergencies, if the delay to shipment of the product is caused by reasons not dependent on the client.

 Best  Regards, EmexDWC.