This is a short video instruction on HOW TO PLACE ORDER IN THE BASKET.

Item search (quotation).

 Item search on our website is carried out by one of the following methods:
1) By detail:
- Enter the required spare part number into the search bar and click the «Search» button.
2) By list:
 - «Excel» button.
 - «Download template» button.
The instruction on how to fill the file is located nearby, «Show file format» button.
Fields marked with asterisk(*) are necessary to be filled, other fields are optional.
- Save the filled file.
 - Load the file by clicking the «Choose file» button.
Search result is output in groups. Parts are sorted by brands.
The searching process covers all price lists.
Search results show the following information:
 • Delivery date – the period between order placement and “ready to ship” status.
• Completion percentage – statistical percentage of order completions of a certain spare part, on selected price list.
 • Price in USD – current part price in our price list ( note – price may change, please recheck the price when adding the part to basket).
• Quantity – the availability of selected spare part in dealer's stock. If the availability is not mentioned, it doesn’t mean that the spare part is out of stock, it means that we don’t have the information from the dealer.

All the required information can be loaded into an EXCEL file, by clicking « Export» button (with the green arrow on the right).
Unquoted parts can be viewed by placing the "tick" in the gray panel «Parts with no price».

Operating the basket.

The basket acts as an "item storage" for further order placement. If you have any subclients registered on our website, they can add their items to your basket by using their login and password. You will be able to view who added items to your basket and the prices they were presented when ordering. Only the main customer can confirm the order.

There are few ways to add spare parts to your basket:
 1) On the part search page, click the «add to basket» button in the search results and in the new window choose additional options of order.
2) After quoting up items by list – click "add to basket".
3) Using the EXCEL file upload  - in the Basket, click the «Excel» button. Fill out a file, by clicking the «download template» button. The instruction on how to fill in the file can be viewed by clicking the «Show file format» button. Fields marked with asterisk(*) are necessary to filled, other fields are optional. Save the filled file. Upload it by clicking «Select file».
4) Trough web services –
After you input the information, either by file or manually, you have to:
• Tick the required parts for ordering in the «Order» column on the gray panel. 
• Click «Create order» button.

When placing an order, please pay attention to:
- Agree to a higher price (AGREE) – means that the customer agrees to any price, if the spare part is out of stock on stated price.
- Certain increase rate (MaxAgreeRate) - It is a coefficient that limits the maximum price rate increase compared to the price stated on the website at the moment of order placement.
The acceptable value of this ratio varies from 1 to 1.5. By default (if not specified by the customer) the ratio is set to 1.1.
- Agree to wait (WAIT) - A feature which indicates that a customer agrees to await a certain spare part for the period as established in price list conditions +30 days. In EXCEL enabling this feature shall be marked as two brackets "))".
- Additional  packing WOOD  25$, CARTOON 3$.  Extra wood  packing  will  be added to prevent  damages.   
For the customers, which work with us on condition : "delivery included in the part price" the  good's price  will  be adjusted with  the cost of extra package.

Sorting information in the Basket:
To sort the information in ascending order, please click once on the column name. Clicking twice will sort the items in descending order. By default, the items are sorted by the date added. If you want to select the parts of your subclient, sort out the cart by the "Customer" column. To clear the basket – click the «Delete» button.

The detail history and order status can be monitored in the "Orders" section.
In Work - order is in process.
On Stock - the order has been received on our stock for further processing.
Ready to send - your goods are ready and are awaiting for shipment.
Questions regarding parts can be asked directly from the order history.