Our web-services :

Web-services location: https://soap.emexdwc.ae/service.wsdl

Description location: https://soap.emexdwc.ae/service.asmx

You can download PROGRAMMERS MANUAL 

Also you can test our web-services, using our utility WcfTestClient.zip (launch WcfTestClient.exe)

Example of using our services on PHP
    class Customer
        public $UserName;
        public $Password;
        public $SubCustomerId;
        public $CustomerId;

    $host = "https://soap.emexdwc.ae/";
    $username = "login";
    $password = "password";
    $client = new SoapClient($host."MaximaWS/service.wsdl");
    $customer = new Customer();
    $customer->UserName = $username;
    $customer->Password = $password;
    $params = array("Customer"=>$customer);
    $resLogin = $client->Login($params);

To test the integration, you can use a test account:
login: QXXX
password: qXQx