Dear Customers!


In the new version of our website, we maintain the existing price lists of the 48H, FAST, EMIR, EMIS logo and others logos. They are available for download as usual. The principle of work with them does not change.

Below, we describe the new features:

Now to your attention given individual offers of specific suppliers. Each supplier is assigned with a personal logo. To the left of the supplier's logo, asterisks, displayed the rating of its deliveries, specifically for this part. The statistics “asterisks rating” can change for better and for worse, depending on the dynamics of supply of this supplier. When searching for parts, at the top, we show the best deals, in all aspects (price, terms and quality).

Example, auto part by number MZ360316EX:

Supplier FAST - provides the lowest price.

Supplier AKPA- attractive in terms of delivery, delivery statistic and availability.

In order to see all offers, click “Other Offers”. In case if the supplier is new, we do not have statistics of its deliveries, in the statistics column we use the term “New Arrival“.

We also changed the algorithm for displaying information about availability. In the column "Availability" we now show the exact availability (numeral). If there is no information on availability (the supplier does not provide information), in the column “Availability” reflects the word “Order”.

To the right of the offers added a search filter. You can select an offer by supplier, entering the supplier logo in the search filter field, by price and delivery time.

Estimation by Excel

Estimation using Excel file, if the client does not indicate a specific price logo in the PriceLOGO column, the website will provide the best offer based on the parameters described above. This will not necessarily be the cheapest offer. In addition to the price will be taken into account, (time, statistics and availability).


All the above price lists have an online function, only!!!

That is, they are not available for download in the catalogues “Price list”.

They only work with estimation on the website - by part, estimation by Excel file and when working on web services.