Shipping goods.

We can ship your order anywhere in the world. Delivery terms depend on the destination point.
After registering on the site and making a prepayment, you need to fill out information about where and with what method you would like to have your order delivered. The table is located in the Account –  Types of delivery- the “Add new delivery type ” button.
Below is the information on how to complete the provided table.

-Description- text description of the given destination, understandable to you.

-Delivery  point - delivery zone from the list we offer. The price of the part will include delivery to the specified destination.

-Logo  on  boxes - your carrier’s personal identification code, if available. This code will be applied to the sticker on the box and allow the carrier to recognize them.
- Delivery address and details- actual delivery address, contact person and their phone number. This information will be printed on the cargo documents and passed on to the carrier.
-Shipper- select a carrier from our list. If the preferred carrier is not in our list, please select Other and then indicate the name of your carrier in the next field “Carrier name”. Our managers will specify the necessary details and the possibility of working with the indicated carrier and will add them to the list.

-Carrier Address — The actual address of your carrier. If the address is not indicated, we will be sending the goods to the carrier's address, specified in our system.

- Day of the week - the day of the week of dispatch of goods according to the schedule. Please select the Upon request option, if you will be ordering each individual shipment yourself. In this case, a shipment request can be sent from the Cabinet - Ready for shipment section.

- Minimum weight for delivery- the minimum limit for sending goods according to the schedule. If the value is established, then we will carry out the actual dispatch on the specified day of the week, only when the quantity of the goods available for shipment exceeds the set value.

-Active- check the box to use this destination.

-To confirm your settings, press CONFIRM.

After filling in the table, the 0001 destination is automatically created. By the same principle, you can create several destinations for shipment 0002, 0003 and so on. These destinations must be specified when placing orders. Orders by destinations are not mixed, are packaged separately for each of them.

IMPORTANT! We offer only two free destinations: 0001 and 0002. If you are creating additional destinations 0003, 0004, etc., then 1% of the order and $100 are automatically charged for renting the space, required to store orders for each separate destination.

For some regions, we offer two ways of shipping.

1. Price includes delivery – the price of the part will include the delivery to the specified destination point. (For example, USA - Los Angeles, 5 days).
The list of offers with our delivery in the section Account-  Cabinet section - Types of delivery – Delivery  point column.

2. Price Ex-stock. To do this, you need to contact the agent of the carrier and clarify the terms of delivery to your region. All payments to the carrier for the delivery will be sorted out by you. We only charge for the parts.

We have two delivery options:
-According to the schedule. We deliver the cargo to the carrier on set days without the customer's request.
-As per customer's request. We deliver the cargo to the carrier as per customer's request only. The request needs to be made in the Account - Ready to Send  section. The request needs to be made at least 24 hours in advance

IMPORTANT! If you work directly with the carrier (use the second delivery method described above), then in the column “Delivery point” must be selected UAE. Dubai (delivery only to the carrier).

Free shipping is available to Dubai and Sharjah with minimum order amount 500$.

If you have any questions about the delivery, you can contact our managers. The question can be sent from the Question-Answer section.